Clinicians Who Inspire – October 2022 Daisy Franklin, PT

When Daisy Franklin, PT, started her career 17 years ago, she was sure pediatrics was the setting for her. That is, until a friend referred her to a SNF, where she took the job and has been at her current facility now for 15 years. Daisy loves her residents and truly enjoys hearing their life experiences while gaining knowledge from them daily.

As DOR and part of the therapy team, Daisy interacts with all facility staff and says they are like one big family. She and most of her co-workers have been in this facility for 5+ years which supports that feeling of family; they have been through a lot together.  

Fun isn’t just reserved for the therapists; Daisy and her co-workers enjoy making therapy fun for the residents too! The residents look forward to the cooking groups hosted by multiple disciplines. Daisy has personally witnessed the benefits group therapy has to offer, including increased socialization and increased peer interaction and support to encourage residents to do their best.

Daisy has achieved Champion Level 1 focusing on wound care. Climbing the Clinical Ladder has allowed her the opportunity to partner with the facility’s wound care physician to address wounds and accelerate the healing process with modalities. After achieving Champion Level 1, Daisy encouraged her peer therapists to pursue their own Clinical Ladder achievements. Daisy hopes to be able to see the whole rehab team ascend the Clinical Ladder and equip them with a plethora of knowledge to treat their patients.

If Daisy had to offer advice to her fellow therapists, she said it would be to practice patience and compassion in conjunction with their professional skills. Daisy, and team, thank you for all do for your residents and fellow therapists. You truly are an inspiration!

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