Clinicians Who Inspire – October 2022 Laura Redd, COTA

Through the Clinicians Who Inspire series, we continue to share motivation, creativity, and inspiration from clinicians in the field. This month we spoke with Laura Redd, COTA/Director of Rehabilitation and Champion Level II therapist at Huntsville Health Care Center. During the interview, she explained that she has always worked in skilled nursing. She was originally employed as a CNA, then worked as a rehabilitation tech for seven years before becoming a COTA and then Director of Rehabilitation. Her unique background has provided insight into how to bridge the gap of communication between therapy and nursing.

Laura is passionate about ensuring patients have as many opportunities as possible for out-of-bed engagement. As a Champion Level II therapist, she provided education to nursing staff concerning the need for residents to be out of bed, not only for therapy, but also for meals and activities as the research supports out of bed activities improve overall wellbeing and quality of life. Her presentation was used to develop a resource for Reliant about the benefits of social interaction and physical activity, click HERE for a glimpse at this resource. She indicated that once all staff understand that the purpose of the patient being out of bed and engaged is “to maintain their functional level and prevent declines”, it becomes ultimately easier for everyone to work toward that goal.

Laura, thank you for all you do for your residents and nursing teammates, advocating for quality patient care, and for being a clinician who inspires your patients and your peers! 

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