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Summer Opportunities: Explore Hot Therapy Jobs

Career Compass, The Path to your Clinical Future

June 17, 2024 — 3 min read

Newly Added — Hot Therapy Jobs

The summer heat of June brings a sizzling market for therapy jobs! So, if you’re pursuing a rehab career, now is the best time to find exciting opportunities for therapists, coordinators, rehab techs, and more at Reliant Rehabilitation. 

As a leading therapy partner, Reliant Rehab offers nationwide career opportunities in rehabilitation for every stage of your professional journey. Whether you’re a recent graduate, looking to gain more experience, or aiming for a leadership role, Reliant is committed to supporting career growth. We have the hottest therapy jobs for June, all in one place. Your rewarding career in therapy is just around the corner.

Physical Therapy Jobs

Are you interested in a rehabilitation job as a Physical Therapist? With over 20 years of dedicated experience in the industry, Reliant offers a variety of opportunities in physical therapy. Each career comes with a Total Rewards package, thoughtfully curated by Reliant’s own employees, to support your professional journey and ensure a healthy work-life balance. Your PT career awaits—explore jobs below!

Occupational Therapy Jobs

Unlock your potential with a fulfilling career in occupational therapy, featuring a wealth of online resources, engagement activities, training programs, and more. Reliant collaborates with over 900 skilled nursing facilities to provide Occupational Therapists and other clinicians with a supportive environment where they can deliver exceptional patient care. Explore and apply for the latest OT jobs today.

Speech Therapy Jobs

Embark on a rewarding career in speech therapy, offering flexibility, competitive pay, and a comprehensive benefits package. As a company founded by therapists, Reliant is committed to providing Speech Language Pathologists and other employees with opportunities for career advancement and growth into leadership roles. Explore the latest SLP careers here.

More Therapy Jobs

Explore the vast landscape of rehabilitation jobs with Reliant! Expect competitive compensation, direct access to leadership, performance recognition, and more. As a company with a national presence, Reliant offers flexible roles and unique leadership opportunities in rehabilitation. Discover detailed job descriptions for in-demand rehab positions below.

Work at Reliant

We do our best for you so that you can do your best for patients. Reliant Rehab is committed to providing employees with the compensation, development, and support that they need so that they can focus on their commitment to patient care. Keep up with Reliant, get insight into our culture, and learn more about our team through our LinkedIn Life Page

If you cannot find the career your compass points towards, keep an eye out for the next Career Compass Blog released monthly with featured hot jobs in rehabilitation. If you are interested in a corporate career or student role at Reliant, don’t see your specialty above, or just can’t wait for the next blog, check out the full list of open positions at Reliant or contact us directly for more info!

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