SNF Open Door Forum: 11/29/2018

In the last open door forum of the year, CMS provided the following information:

PDPM Webpage is now active. The site provides CMS created fact sheets, FAQ’s, training presentation, and resources specific to PDPM preparation CMS has created as PDPM specific email for questions or clarification needs.

• SNF VBP updates included clarification that providers incentive multipliers are available via CASPER reports. Phase I correction request review is currently in progress. Reconciled corrections will be updated via reports in the CASPER system. The Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) will directly apply the incentive percentage when making payment. More information is available on the SNF VBP webpage.

• SNF QRP data now posted on Nursing Home Compare. The next refresh will be in late January. Providers will receive preview reports 30 days prior. CMS directs any questions to the SNF QRP help desk.

• CMS indicated SNF QRP edit 3907 for discharge goal coding will be retired due to stakeholder feedback regarding its relevance; however, edit 3891, warning for discharge coding, will continue.

• CMS reiterated the resources available through the Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program (CMPRP). CMPRP is a three-year effort to reduce adverse events, improve staffing quality and improve dementia care in nursing homes.

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