No Patient Left Behind

No Patient Left Behind (NPLB) trains our therapists in interpretation of quality indicator reports and the impact of quality measure reporting to aid in the care of facility residents. This month we’ll look a little closer at the final element: Being an Advocate.

Reliant believes it is our moral imperative to do right by our patients and ensure dignity, quality, and the highest level of independence possible. Each care partner plays a role in the resident’s success and it’s important to remember, you don’t have to go to Washington to be an effective advocate for your patients. Advocacy starts at the facility level and means you’ll be the voice for the resident who can’t speak, the movement for the resident who isn’t independently mobile, or the reliable provider for the resident who needs reassurance.

From admission to discharge, your actions are contagious and by advocating for your patients through simple acts, others will want to be a part of that passion. There is purpose in what you do, never forget that!

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