MACs Resume Medical Review on a Post-Payment Basis

In the August 6, MLN, CMS announced Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) are resuming fee-for-service medical review activities. Beginning August 17, the MACs resumed with post-payment reviews of items/services provided before March 1, 2020. The Targeted Probe and Educate program (intensive education to assess provider compliance through up to three rounds of review) will restart later. The MACs will continue to offer detailed review decisions and education as appropriate.

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Although medical review has not been initiated at this time for dates of service during the public health emergency, future RAC and MAC reviews are forthcoming. According to an article posted on RAC Monitor on 8/25/20, high priority audits may include claims with

  • Positive COVID-19 diagnoses to ensure testing results are accurately documented. 
  • Remote patient monitoring codes

Providers should be reviewing claims and supportive documentation now to identify potential areas of improvement.

Additionally, the introduction of remote audits is anticipated. The remote audits allow for the current work-from-home, travel-restricted business climate.

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