Clinicians Who Inspire: September 2021 Melissa Huggins

Through the Clinicians Who Inspire series, we continue to share motivation, creativity, and inspiration from clinicians in the field. This month we spoke with Melissa Huggins, Champion Level II Therapist, PTA, and Director of Rehabilitation at Panora Specialty Care in Iowa.  Melissa states that dealing with the effects of COVID-19 really forced her to think outside the box.  She mentioned the need for creativity in therapy interventions to help encourage participation in sessions.  Melissa and her team like to use Reliant resources like A Year of Wellness to help generate creative ideas.  One of Melissa’s favorite activities has been card making with patients during therapy.  The patients worked on their individualized therapy goals in conjunction with making cards for other residents who weren’t getting as much interaction.  A lot of the residents knew of others who might benefit from a little “pick-me-up” card, but if not, the therapy staff assisted in making those connections.  As part of their therapy intervention, the patients were often able to deliver the cards to their resident friends in person.  Melissa reports that these cards made everyone, from the therapy staff to the residents, very happy!  These interactions helped residents who were spending more time in their rooms to socialize and, in some cases, even leave their rooms to connect with other residents.  Melissa also reports that pictures of residents in therapy sessions being featured on social media is seen as a privilege.  One resident even told her, “You’re going to make me a star!”  Not only are your residents STARS to us, Melissa, but you are also as is the entire team at Panora Specialty Care!

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