Clinicians Who Inspire – June 2022 Alaynna Hebert Savoy

Through the Clinicians Who Inspire series, we continue to share motivation, creativity, and inspiration from clinicians in the field. This month we spoke with Alaynna Hebert Savoy, Director of Rehabilitation/PTA/Champion Level II therapist at New Iberia Manor South. Alaynna loves to incorporate music into therapy interventions. She explained interventions aren’t always going to be textbook. “You have to throw in fun stuff to keep your patient’s interest. Be flexible and creative.” Alaynna loves to work on dynamic reaching through dancing whether seated in a chair or in standing. She reports dancing to music always puts a smile on her patients’ faces. Alaynna also incorporates music in group interventions using a therapy ball to play “hot potato”. When the music stops, the person holding the ball has to do individualized exercises such as leg kicks or sit to stands. Her patients like group because it’s something different from individual therapy sessions. Alaynna also talked about the importance of positivity. She said “I try to make sure I’m happy. They don’t need to see someone with a sad face, they need to see me with a smiling face.” Thank you, Alaynna, for being creative, putting smiles on your patients’ faces, and inspiring your therapy peers.

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