Clinicians Who Inspire – August 2022 Cheri Shefler, SLP/DOR

Through the Clinicians Who Inspire series, we continue to share motivation, creativity, and inspiration from clinicians in the field. This month we spoke with Cheri Shefler, Champion Level I Therapist, SLP and Director of Rehab at Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. Cheri points out that it is important to have a positive environment where the therapy team and the facility staff can share a true camaraderie in order to facilitate a team approach in their patients’ care. She enjoys being a positive spirit and cheerleader for her colleagues.

Cheri explains that it is also important to have time together as a team. Food often wins the heart, so ordering lunch in or bringing favorite dishes to a holiday potluck are a few favorite ways they celebrate and grow as a team.

To fill her own cup, Cheri finds it rewarding to supervise and guide newly graduated SLPs in their Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY), especially those with little to no experience in the skilled nursing setting. She enjoys the fresh ideas and activities that the new and upcoming SLPs bring to the table and also guiding them to develop treatment interventions that are appropriate for each of their patients.

As opportunities open back up, Cheri looks forward to engaging team members and residents in Carnival Day! This day involves setting up carnival activities within the rehab gym and encouraging all patients and caregivers to participate in the fun, including group activities like tossing water balloons. Thank you, Cheri and team, for being clinicians who inspire each other, your patients, and all your therapy peers!

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