Care Matters Spotlight: Sandra Douglas

Sandra Douglas was transferred to Riverfront Rehabilitation for therapy needs following a right sided CVA. Upon admission, Mrs. Douglas was evaluated by and participated in skilled PT, OT, and SLP where she worked on improving independence in many areas including mobility, ADLs, communication, and swallowing.

Recovery from right sided CVA and COVID-19

Progress in therapy took a couple of detours when Sandra tested positive for COVID-19 and had a hospital stay for pneumonia. This setback didn’t stop Sandra or her therapists! 

Sandra worked very hard in all areas of therapy especially communication and swallowing.  At the beginning of her stay, she was nonverbal and received nutrition exclusively through her PEG tube.  As her communication improved, she began asking for her grandson and daughter.  The therapy staff was able to help Sandra communicate with them by phone and Facetime. 

On the last day of therapy, Sandra was able to verbalize to her SLP that she was hungry.  Due to the significant progress made with her swallowing ability, she was able to enjoy chips and soda!

Sandra was able to safely discharge home with her grandson and daughter. According to the therapy staff, Sandra is a true testament of how hard work pays off.

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