Care Matters Spotlight – August 2020

Mrs. Mabary was admitted to Care Nursing and Rehab in Brownwood, TX, after a fall led to a hip fracture on her right side which also had a prior transtibial amputation.  Prior to her injury, Mrs. Mabary walked up and down the 20 stairs to her bedroom with her prosthesis.  However, due to weight bearing restrictions, the therapy team had to get creative with a technique for going up and down the stairs.  At first, Mrs. Mabary was unable to hop up and down even one step without her prosthesis.  After working hard in therapy, she is now more than halfway to her goal of 20 steps as she is able to hop up and down a step 13 times!

Her drive and determination didn’t stop there!   When Mrs. Mabary arrived at Care Nursing and Rehab, she had a great deal of pain and required moderate assistance for bed mobility and transfers.  Now she can perform bed mobility and transfers with someone just standing nearby for assistance, and with decreased pain.

Luckily for Mrs. Mabary, communication and training with her son (with whom she lives ) is easily achievable as her son is a certified nursing assistant at the facility. Mrs. Mabary has a follow up appointment next week, and the team is hoping for great news regarding her weight bearing restrictions. In the meantime, she will continue working hard to improve her strength and balance.

Thank you, Mrs. Mabary, for being a great example of perseverance while also encouraging the other residents to strive hard in therapy.  You are an inspiration to us all!

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