Service is so much more than a word or a list of things we offer. Service is a commitment to our mission, our calling and to our employees, partners and the patients we serve every day.

We believe our patients deserve to have the best quality of life they can while under our care. 

We believe our employees deserve to work in an environment that supports their growth and quality of life. 

We believe our partner skilled nursing facilities deserve to have a therapy company that provides the best clinical care while also having their back. 

Providing high quality therapy services is our purpose. How can we serve you? 

Reliant Services

Reliant Rehabilitation provides a comprehensive therapy program with proprietary clinical protocols and pathways that help ensure the highest level of functional outcomes for your patients and residents. Our patient-driven programs provide your community with highly trained therapists who use our proprietary clinical programs and reporting systems to help maintain consistency all across the network.

The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) will take effect in Oct. 2019, and Reliant’s proprietary clinical assessment tools and proven clinical pathways can be your key to success to navigate the significant changes for how a SNF is reimbursed for services. Let us help prepare your team now for the new protocols that you will need to optimize your reimbursement rates, develop patient-centered clinical treatment plans and help withstand the medical review process.

Reliant Rehabilitation understands the importance of growing and maintaining a healthy facility census. We partner with our clients to develop data driven strategic marketing plans. These plans incorporate analysis of the local competitive market, referring hospital discharge trends, quality measures, LOS and rehospitalization data. The customized plan includes our proprietary Model 10 outcome reports, co branded marketing collateral and condition specific clinical specialty programs.

Our high 86% employee retention rate is a direct result of our clinical training, professional development opportunities, competitive benefits and recognition programs. We have 17 recruiters each with more than 10 years of healthcare recruiting experience to find the best caregivers in the industry.

Why risk going it alone when it comes to compliance? Reliant brings a team of investigators who are certified in healthcare compliance. We support therapy-related medical review claims and have RAC-certified auditors and reviewers who assist with managing the claim from ADR through ALJ.

Reliant Rehabilitation is your strategic partner in analyzing, understanding and forecasting the impact of industry changes, including SNF reimbursement changes announced in the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) proposed rule.

Looking for an outsource therapy partner?

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