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ReliantGROW™ offers strategic programs developed to support your facility’s position as the post-acute partner of choice. We partner with our clients to develop growth initiatives, offer creative solutions, provide clinical expertise and support their business development goals. Our programs provide an expansive approach to marketing to patients, families and your referral partners. 

Model 10

Model 103.0 patient and facility outcomes reports are available on the customer portal in a real-time, downloadable format that can be cobranded with your facility logo and information. These reports highlight your patient’s rehabilitation outcomes for discharge, provide continuity of care and partnership reports for your referral partners.  

Data Analytics

Our model uses patient data and clinical data to build partnerships between hospitals and our network of skilled nursing facilities. Using a team of data analysts and multiple sources of data, Reliant can provide DRG-based referral data for each competitive market.

Cobranded Marketing Materials

Reliant offers an online collateral storefront with over 20 customizable brochures, templates and patient education pieces.  Add your logo, pictures, facility details, brand color palette and with direct shipment of materials to your team. Professionally designed, our team continually adds new pieces to the storefront based on customer needs. Login to the storefront HERE

Each month, the A Year of Wellness program offers a wellness topic focus with all the tools to produce and education event to attract referral partners and members of the community into your facility or to be able to host a thoughtful professional community event. Learn more HERE

Success Stories

Spotlight patient success stories on social media in a branded frame, short video or in a flyer. These testimonials provide potential patients and their families a snapshot of what your facility does best.   Template tools can be customized to coordinate with your company’s brand style guide.

Dancing with the Seniors

The movement of dance improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and eases tension. This therapy-infused dance program offers a community outreach opportunity to showcase your facility while focusing on increasing patient’s physical strength, flexibility and quality of life. Our customizable media kit also helps promote the final dance event.

Training, Education and Collaboration

ReliantGROW™  offers our clients continued support for their business development staff through Best Practices education, clinical training, lunch and learns, meeting support with upstream and downstream referral sources. 

Fractional Marketing Services

For our customers who need additional marketing support ReliantGROW™ offer a strategic platform that brings a professional yet heartfelt tone and style to your marketing program. Our team brings decades of experience in the senior living and skilled nursing industry, and because these services are an extension of our value-added programs, they are offered at a much more competitive rate than a traditional marketing agency.


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