Census Development

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Reliant Rehabilitation understands the importance of growing and maintaining a healthy facility census. We partner with our clients to develop data driven strategic marketing plans. These plans incorporate analysis of the local competitive market, referring hospital discharge trends, quality measures, LOS and rehospitalization data. The customized plan includes our proprietary Model 10 outcome reports, co branded marketing collateral and condition specific clinical specialty programs.

Census Development Services

Care Management

  • Every on-site program manager is a licensed therapist
  • Survey compliant programs managed
  • On-site management to support PPS systems

Market Analytics

  • Team of data analysts with multiple sources of data
  • Hospital and Reliant network built on patient and clinical data
  • DRG-based referral data

Clinical Outcomes

  • Reduced clinical variability
  • Consistent care across entire platform
  • Fewer hospital readmissions

Data Analytics

Our model uses patient data and clinical data to build partnerships between hospitals and our network of skilled nursing facilities. Using a team of data analysts and multiple sources or data, Reliant is able to provide DRG-based Referral data for their competitive market.

A Year of Wellness facility marketing tools, designed exclusively for our partners, will guide your facility to success. Each month, a different senior-related theme is chosen for educating your senior community on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our professionals work together with our facilities to implement internal and external marketing outreach events with monthly wellness themes, as well as a few whimsical celebrations to lift the spirits. This allows our partners to gain local exposure with other seniors in the community.

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Co-Branded Marketing Materials

We offer a collateral storefront with over a dozen pieces that can be customized with your facility’s logo, contact information and care options. Choose from four different color palettes to blend with your corporate brand. Pieces include trifold brochures, Medicare/Medicaid information pieces and specialty care flyers. Professionally designed, our team continually adds new pieces to the storefront based on the needs of our customers. 

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Dancing with the Seniors

Another part of Reliant’s restorative care offering, the Dancing with the Seniors program helps increase stamina, flexibility and sharpen the mind in both short term and long term patients and residents. The movement of dance improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and eases tension.

Model 10

Model 10 represents the industry’s only fully patient-centered therapy protocol and has over 15 years of proven clinical outcomes to validate its efficacy. Reliant’s comprehensive proprietary program for patient assessment and goal identification, Model 10 guides specific clinical pathways for treatment based on a detailed functional score in over 30 areas in physical, occupational and speech language therapy categories for each patient.

A patient-specific treatment plan follows the initial assessment with goals of therapy identified to help a patient either adapt, compensate or fully restore functionality. A detailed discharge plan includes caregiver training and complete documentation to support every facet of the treatment plan.

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