Measurement of Success

October 1st ushered in the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM).  Now that the transition has occurred and we are familiar with the day to day implementation, the question is: How do we measure success? Patient outcomes is the answer! It always has been and continues to be the mark by which success is measured in quality healthcare.

Success starts with interprofessional team collaborative care, which collectively includes the facility and therapy.  Therapy plans of care and facility care plans should correlate with an overarching focus on patient-centered goals and the discharge destination of choice.  Compare and contrast these plans to identify areas of improvement within the collaborative process to ensure positive patient outcomes.  A collaborative review of section GG for accurate coding and a unified approach toward identified goals is paramount.  

Other areas to closely monitor are quality measures and quality indicators for skilled nursing.  These measures impact all SNF residents.  Review reports and identify areas of strength and risk within your facility. While all measures are impacted by care in the facility, a few stand out as potential targets for CMS monitoring post PDPM:

  • Needs increased help with ADLs
  • Changes in mobility
  • Functional progress toward goals
  • New or worsened pressure ulcers
  • Experienced a fall
  • Discharges to the community
  • Readmit to the hospital within 30 days of discharge

As we continue to strive for success, our processes of collaboration will become more finely tuned.  Sometimes small adjustments make huge differences in the end results.  As we analyze and streamline processes, a maintained focus on the patient, quality of care, and the ultimate goal of improved outcomes will achieve success. 

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