AHCA/NCAL 2024 Population Health Management Summit

Embrace the Future: Reliant Rehab at the AHCA/NCAL 2024 Population Health Management Summit

PHM Summit — Leadership Dive

Are you ready to dive into the future of long-term and post-acute care? Join Reliant Rehab at this innovative summit, focusing on population health management and tailored sessions for both newcomers and seasoned providers.

Who's Attending?

Connect with leaders and experts from the long-term care and post-acute care community. Explore diverse population health models like ACOs, I-SNPs, and value-based care, and network with peers to exchange ideas and strategies with industry experts like Reliant.

What's it About?

The AHCA/NCAL 2024 Population Health Management Summit is a dynamic event tailored for long-term and post-acute care providers. Explore sessions designed for all levels of expertise, from newcomers to seasoned professionals skilled in managing healthcare risks. Keynote speaker Jeremy Utley will discuss “More Conversation, Less Automation: How Human Interaction Drives AI Innovation,” offering fresh perspectives on healthcare innovation.

What's Reliant Planning?

Meet J.Lynn Bauknight, our Director of Client Success, at the Reliant Rehab booth! Learn how Reliant Rehab supports SNFs with therapy services, PDPM resources, and census development strategies to create a stronger future for long-term and post-acute care companies.

Connect with Reliant

Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate and learn at the AHCA/NCAL 2024 Population Health Management Summit. Let’s ignite innovation and reimagine the future of care together!

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May 22 - 23 2024


All Day

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Hyatt Regency San Antonio
San Antonio, TX




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