Clinicians Who Inspire – Rochelle Healy – March 2024

This month’s Clinician Who Inspires is Rochelle Healy, SLP and Champion Level II Therapist at St. Sophia Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Rochelle reminisced on how she wanted to become an SLP for as long as she could remember.  With her love of all things language, her fascination with the brain and its many functions, and her love of helping others it seemed that speech language pathology was the perfect fit. 

To this day, her passion for speech and language persists. As a way of paying it forward and building the future of SLP, Rochelle mentors students and facilitates their growth. She enjoys giving students as many opportunities as possible to build their knowledge base and provide them with practical application scenarios to build on their classroom studies. She stated, “I actually learn just as much from them as they do me, their fresh take on things is invaluable.”

When she’s not educating students and learning from her peers, she is implementing “Fun Fridays” with her patients.  On each Friday they have fun groups which entail patient-led ideas to address focused goals.  From modified “catch phrase” to learning new card games, Rochell ensures a FUN time is had by all. Rochelle shared that her primary motivation as a therapist is getting to watch her patients succeed.  She said that the biggest factor in success with her patients is allowing them autonomy to lead their sessions, letting them use their voice to decide how the treatment session will flow.

Thank you, Rochelle, for sharing your passion and inspiring other clinicians to continue the important work we do every day!

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