Clinicians Who Inspire – Catherine Shafer – January 2024

This month’s Clinician Who Inspires is Catherine Shafer, Champion Level I Therapist, COTA and Therapy Coordinator at Thunder Care and Rehab.

Catherine shares her primary motivation as a therapist is the joy her patients bring her. She recalled a recent day where she walked into her patient’s room to find him excitedly awaiting her arrival for their therapy session, stating that he was ready to get better. Beyond the enthusiasm and progress of her patients, Catherine also recalled the many stories, learning experiences, and wisdom that her patients have bestowed upon her during her time as a therapist. Catherine smiled as she stated, “sometimes I wonder whose therapy session it really was.”

When she’s not learning from the nuggets of wisdom she receives from her patients, she’s engaging with her peers, searching Reliant University, and logging into the Lunch and Learn trainings to grow clinically and foster her purpose. She encourages all therapists to do the same to refresh knowledge and remind us why we do what we do every day.

Catherine looks forward to the spring season with opportunities for fun gardening activities with her patients, continued relationship building with her interdisciplinary team, and more invaluable nuggets of elderly wisdom. Catherine, thank you for sharing your passion in what you do. Your dedication to Care Matters inspires us all!

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