Clinicians Who Inspire – December 2022 – Hensen Keetch

Through the Clinicians Who Inspire series, we continue to share motivation, creativity, and inspiration from clinicians in the field. This month we spoke with Hensen Keetch, Champion Level II therapist and physical therapist at Canyon Rim Care Center. Through creativity and recognizing each patient’s individuality, he continues to have an impact in meaningful ways.

During the interview with Hensen, it was noted that he has a deep understanding of person-centered care and brings that into his daily treatment interventions. During group activities, Hensen and the other group participants learned that one patient previously played basketball overseas and another patient was the scorekeeper for the local NBA team. These discoveries led to additional activities, discussions, and connections within groups. He also shared an example of a patient who was a former high school soccer player.  With this knowledge, the team intertwined soccer into treatment; what better way to challenge balance than with passion for the game?  

Hensen knows that interdisciplinary team communication and education are keys to patient success. As an advocate for fall prevention and intervention, he meets with the nursing staff to discuss individualized strategies and plans for fall reduction and recovery after every reported fall. 

Hensen, thank you being a clinician who inspires your patients, the interdisciplinary team, and your therapy peers! 

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