Celebrating the Successes of 2019

The past year ushered in a new era for the long-term care industry. With implementation of the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), as well as full implementation of the Requirements of Participation (RoP), evolving became a part of our daily lives.

Through preparation, collaboration and continued evaluation of processes we have celebrated many successes. Together over the past year, we have explored all aspects of the PDPM, as well as the regulatory impact of the RoP and rehabilitation’s role in partnering with facilities for collaborative communication and success, all while never losing focus on patient outcomes.

We celebrated patients’ successes as they met their goals and returned to prior levels of independence, many returning to the community. In 2019, Reliant therapists climbed our Clinical Advancement Ladder and teams continuously practiced at the top of their licenses all while commemorating holidays with themed parties, fabulous costumes and fun activities for the patients.

Because our dominant focus was on our care for the patient, we maneuvered through these uncharted regulatory waters successfully. As we continue to fine tune processes, our focus remains on patient satisfaction and positive patient outcomes for that is at the heart of all we do. Their successes are our successes!

A year from now when we are reviewing our successes, we will have learned, adjusted, grown and flourished. We look forward to our continued partnerships allowing us to do what we do best because, together, our Care Matters.

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