Care Matters Spotlight: June 2020

Joseph Scopelliti was admitted to Laurel Brook after being diagnosed with COVID-19 at the hospital. Prior to his hospitalization, Joe was independent and living at home. Following his fight against COVID-19 he was debilitated and on oxygen. 

Joe’s PT and OT created patient centered plans of care to address functional mobility, ADLs, endurance and strategies to combat shortness of breath. He worked hard to get back to his prior level. In fact, Joe was such a hard worker that he motivated other residents at the facility including his own roommate.  The therapists report when they knocked on the door, Joe was ready to go. Despite having in-room treatments, Joe and the therapy crew used objects in his room to simulate his home environment to prepare him for a safe discharge.

Upon discharge, Joe was successfully weaned off his supplemental oxygen and was able to walk out of the SNF independently without an assistive device! He did an amazing job in a short amount of time and was able to return home completely independent. We are really proud of Joe and hope that he continues to succeed at home!

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