Is it time to switch your therapy model?

Many factors go into being a reliable therapy partner: integrity, clinical protocols, transparent billing practices, thoughtful partnership initiatives. Reliant was founded—and named—with a mission to be a strong provider for our partners and the patients we serve.

However, not all therapy models provide the same value.

We have found on average we can save a SNF operator between $5,000 and $10,000 per month, per facility on their therapy services while also helping increase functional outcomes and help ensure compliance. See the resources below to learn more and contact us today!

Podcast: Are you getting the maximum value from your therapy department?

Hear from industry leaders J. Lynn Bauknight, VPO for TAG Management and Stephanie Parks, Chief Development Officer for Reliant Rehabilitation on today’s hottest topics including reimbursement, risk-share, proposed recalibration and more.

Webinar: Balancing quality and expense for higher-value therapy

There is a premium on achieving high-quality outcomes as efficiently as possible.  Transparency in billing practices and alignment with reimbursement is crucial to the financial success of your business.

Learn how to objectively review your current therapy operations to ensure you receive the value you need and the quality your residents deserve.

eBook: The Case for Contract Therapy

Many providers who look at moving or keeping therapy operations entirely in-house fail to predict the true costs and margins associated with such a shift or position. Costs are usually higher than projected when therapy HR, EMR, salaries and compliance costs are included.

Download this e-book to learn more about how Reliant Rehabilitation and outsourcing therapy are best for accountability and overall caregiving for senior care providers.

Podcast: Therapy assistant cut: Are SNF providers unknowingly paying for it?

Stephanie Parks, chief development officer of Reliant Rehabilitation, discusses the 15% Medicare Part B Therapy Assistant cut implemented on Jan. 1, 2022. In this podcast, Parks and McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Executive Editor James Berklan discuss the financial impact of this cut.

White Paper: The Hidden Costs of Therapy Management Models

This whitepaper can help operators assess the relative operational, clinical and financial differences between adopting a Management Agreement Model (Advisor) contrasted with an outsourced Full-Service Contract Rehabilitation Model (Partner). This
paper should answer questions Providers might have about the most cost-effective approach to providing the highest quality rehabilitation program in their communities.

Want to calculate the TRUE COST of your therapy model? 

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