The advantages of contracting with Reliant include a reputation for clinical excellence and progressive care, outcomes reporting, and marketing to key referral sources.


✓ Model 10 Outcomes

Model 10 functional outcome reports are available on the customer portal in real-time, downloadable format. The discharge summary reports are ideal for follow-up with referring physicians and for family conferences. The facility outcome reports are useful when speaking with case managers or new potential referral sources.

 ✓ A Year of Wellness

A Year of Wellness facility marketing tools, designed exclusively for Reliant Rehabilitation Partners, will guide your facility to success.
Monthly Community Outreach Program
For seniors, a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for good health. Each month, a different senior- related theme is chosen for educating your senior community on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Reliant professionals work together with our facilities to implement internal and external marketing outreach events with monthly wellness themes. This allows our partners to gain local exposure with other seniors in the community.

✓ Data Analytics

Reliant‘s model uses patient data and clinical data to build partnerships between hospitals and our network of skilled nursing facilities. Using a team of data analysts and multiple sources of data, Reliant is able to provide DRG-based referral data for their competitive market.