Quantity and now Quality of Staffing weaved into SNF Proposed Rules

5 Star already emphasizes and motivates providers to staff with more RNs to benefit from the increased Star Rating.  Now the CMS is weaving a Quality Component into their staffing initiatives.

CMS in its Proposed Rule for Skilled Nursing Facilities released in July “directed facilities to conduct their own internal assessments to evaluate whether or not they had adequate staffing. The individual facility assessment should take into account elements such as: number of residents, resident acuity, the range of diagnoses; and the content of resident care plans. After the assessment is completed, staff competencies to meet those factors, as well as the number of staff involved, would determine whether or not enough caregivers were on hand. In other words: not just volume but value.”

The theme for 2016 Proposed Rules continues to be the need for more internal resources, sophisticated data analytics and tools all the while LTC struggles just to survive under cut after cut. These burdensome requests are the underlying cry of AHCA and LTC providers to at least consider a slow phased in approach to the proposed rules.


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