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Payment Reform Medicaid Reform:

AHCA launched its “Medicaid: Funding Long Term Services and Supports for America’s Frail, Aged Populations” campaign calling on providers to educate legislators on Medicaid funding risks.

The publication, found at outlines “Our Ask”

Our Ask to Congress: Any effort to reform Medicaid should maintain the program’s current structure for the individuals who need these benefits the most. The aged, blind, and disabled populations that rely on Medicaid are uniquely vulnerable, and alternative methods of funding much needed care simply do not exist. Medicaid already underpays for certain services, and restructuring of federal financing could be disastrous for this population group. As efforts to reform the program move forward, lawmakers need to protect those who are the most vulnerable and ensure services like nursing care remain a mandatory benefit for these populations.

People who require nursing center care under Medicaid typically require extensive help with basic daily activities, assistance due to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, and can have multiple chronic conditions. Medicare and private insurance do not cover many of these critical services. When going forward with health care reform efforts, lawmakers must protect Medicaid’s critical role in caring for some of America’s most frail and vulnerable citizens.

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