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Mythology vs. Reality in Rehab

In the McKnight’s guest column “Mythology vs. Reality in Rehab” offers great insights into some very commonly misunderstood or misrepresented scenarios in LTC rehabilitation.  Here is a sneak peek excerpt:

Myth 1: Speech therapy cannot be the only service to provide skilled services in the SNF.

According to Chapter 8 of the CMS Skilled Nursing Facility Manual, skilled services consist of “…the skills of qualified technical or professional health personnel such as … speech-language pathologists or audiologists;”  As long as the services provided require the skills of a speech pathologist, even when that is the only discipline involved, the services are skilled.

Myth 2:  A PT/OT/ST cannot evaluate a patient who was recently discharged from therapy without committing Medicare fraud/abuse.

As professionals who treat and care for the geriatric population, we know that a patient who was safe and independent for ADLs on Friday may have had significant changes by Monday that are not as apparent as hemiplegia or a fracture, but can still impact their balance and safety. Evaluate again.

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