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Fixed Payments…the answer to healthcare savings?

CJR or Comprehensive Joint Replacement bundle implemented in January 2016 and enforced this month on April 1st has potential and the expectation to bring down health care costs.  In a recent article from the Journal Media Group, Meriter Hospital has proven just that. “Since participating in the first of several pilot projects on bundled payments in 2012, Meriter has:

■Reduced hospital readmissions within 90 days of surgery by 50%.

■Lowered the percentage of patients who were admitted to a nursing home or rehabilitation hospital after surgery from 65% to 36%.

■Reduced total costs by 11%.

Replicating those results throughout the nation’s health care system could save billions of dollars.”

Most troubling for Skilled Nursing Facilities is the significant impact to admission rates for hips and knees.  Meriter found that cutting out SNF admissions post-op saved thousands.

SNF practices under Medicare Fee For Services presents them as the expensive provider of choice when historical length of stays are considered.  SNF providers will have to work hard to solidify their place in a CJR bundle with an emphasis on the complicated client who needs 24 hour nursing care and an expedited community re-entry plan.

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