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CMS 5 Star: Cut Points and Value Data Set Updates Available at

The document – Five Star Quality Rating System Technical Users’ Guide: State Level Health Inspection Cut Point Table – provides the data for the state-level cut points for the star ratings included in the health inspection domain.  Cut points for the staffing ratings and for the QM ratings have been fixed and do not vary monthly.  Data tables giving the cut points for those ratings are included in the Five Star Quality Rating System: Technical Users’ Guide which is located in the downloads section on CMS.Gov for 5-Star Quality Rating System.

CMS’ Five-Star quality ratings for the health inspection domain are based on the relative performance of facilities within a State.  This approach helps to control for variation between States.  Facility ratings are determined using these criteria:
• The top 10 percent (lowest 10 percent in terms of health inspection deficiency score) in each State receive a five-star rating.
• The middle 70 percent of facilities receive a rating of two, three, or four stars, with an equal number (approximately 23.33 percent) in each rating category.
• The bottom 20 percent receive a one-star rating.

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