Partnering with communities to help patients get more out of life

Outpatient Therapy at Home

Senior living community residents who participate in a broad health and wellness program—including therapy, fitness and education—achieve an optimum quality of life and preserve their independence longer.

Why is consistent therapy important?

Reliant provides Physical, Occupational and Speech & Language therapies for all levels of ability that can support the following health challenges of your senior living residents:

Why do you need an independent therapy partner?

Reliant’s mission is to provide therapy services that will improve the overall quality of life of senior —no matter where they live or what their individual goals may be. 

Other benefits to your senior living community can include: 

Delay residents’ need to move to higher skilled setting
• Reduce falls
• Increase mobility
• Preserve independence with daily tasks
• Improve quality of life

Allow residents to stay on-site for therapy services
• Familiar setting
• No transportation required

Therapy services billed directly to Medicare and continue as long as it is medically necessary

No acute event or hospital stay required to receive therapy services

Would you like ReliantDIRECT in your community?

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