Achieving the Highest Standards Through Compliance and Education

Reliant Rehabilitation has a committed and consistent focus on compliance and professional education. We educate our therapists and collaborate with our partners in order to maintain and exceed regulatory, clinical, and reimbursement standards.  Reliant Rehabilitation is nationally recognized by our successful patient outcomes, compliance with laws and regulations, and success rates with medical review.

Reliant Rehabilitation has a long-standing compliance and education program, appropriately named, “Do the Right Thing.” Our program is designed to ensure that our therapists receive the necessary tools, clinical pathways, educational resources, and oversight in all aspects of clinical operations. In today’s audit environment, as well as with ever-changing regulatory guidelines, our therapists are routinely trained and demonstrate competency in areas that assist with mitigating risk, including standards of practice, patient rights, ethics, coding and billing, privacy and information security, and prevention of fraud and abuse. Our compliance, audit, education, and operations teams work collaboratively to review and audit services in all our sites of service in order to achieve well-defined standards of care and reduce risk for our partners.

Our compliance and education program is at the heart of who we are, and it supports our lasting strategic partnerships.

Clinical Appeals

In addition to our extensive “DO THE RIGHT THING” compliance protocol to ensure that our therapists are ethically up to speed, our compliance systems maintain total transparency for our clients, and allow reports such as DOR chart reviews, annual audits, off-cycle triggered reports, and off-cycle manual reports, to be accessed anytime, day or night.

Our team of clinical-appeals specialists and coordinators fight on your behalf to repeal any kind of denied claims. They expedite handling of ADRs within 48 hours, provide portal access to see current appeal status, shipping dates, and pending appeals, and foster communication with calls and emails to prevent missed timelines. Reliant has a 98% success rate on appeals, and we indemnify for any unpaid claims.