Reliant uses a group of proprietary programs and reporting systems to help maintain consistency all across the network.
They help serve the needs of our therapists, and in turn, their patients, to ensure the highest level of functional outcomes.

✓  Model 10 Program

We continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing rehabilitation industry. Treatment strategies must meet the needs of patients, yet be efficient and cost-effective in a variety of clinical settings.
Model 10, Reliant Rehabilitation’s revolutionary clinical model of care, was developed with a team of doctors, therapists and nurses. Committed to maximizing each patient’s potential, the team collected and analyzed information required to advance the impact of therapy services and treatment programs.

✓  No Patient Left Behind

Reliant’s No Patient Left Behind program prevents avoidable declines in function and ensures that patient needs are met at every level of the care time line. It includes survey preparation, quarterly screens and monthly focus programs to provide patients with the highest quality of care. Therapists are also trained on the QAPI program, Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement (PI), to aid with maintaining and improving safety and quality for all patients in Reliant facilities. Reliant provides case-mix support and restorative nursing certification classes for our clients as part of our No Patient Left Behind program.

✓  Integrated Clinical Protocols

Reliant has developed clinical protocols and transitional care pathways that unite a hospital’s discharge plans with the clinical capabilities of its post-acute care partners.

– Post-acute pathways and protocols target 49 of the highest-volume discharge DRGs

– Post-acute pathways designed to reduce variations of care costs/outcomes

– Reliant’s model follows patient from hospital discharge through post-acute admission/stabilization/discharge (including comprehensive home evaluation when indicated)

– Uses a multidisciplinary approach involving nursing, physician, therapy, and other team members; i.e., dietary and social services.

✓  Reliant Wellness

Reliant offers qualified clients a dedicated Wellness Coordinator, whose primary role is to assist with needs assessment, education and program fulfillment for a variety of wellness courses. The Wellness Coordinator seeks to promote health and reduce health risk behaviors of residents and/or employees by integrating health promotion activities and educational resources to enhance individual health and well-being.

✓  Dancing with the Seniors

There’s a growing interest in the power of dance to improve quality of life. The movement of the dances improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and eases tension. It helps increase stamina and increases flexibility, while sharpening the mind. The social component is almost as important as the physical dimension. Spending time engaged with others has many health benefits in terms of mental well-being. It’s an excelent way for patients to get more cardio while they boogie on down to a better life!

The Model 10 Difference. Our therapists receive extensive training in the Model 10 program and, as a result, clinical studies have proven the following benefits: