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The rewards of developing an on-site rehabilitation program for your facility are clear: an enhanced reputation for clinical excellence and progressive care, the ability to attract a more favorable patient census and an increased success rate with third party reimbursement.

But rewards don’t come without risks. For example, how can you be sure of having a consistent and appropriate staffing at all times? How can you be sure of hiring only therapists who demonstrate the highest clinical skills and ethical behavior? How can you be sure your rehabilitation services will be appropriately reimbursed, when the rules –and the payors- are always changing?

Though the questions are complex, the answer is simple: Reliant Rehabilitation. More providers are converting to Reliant Rehabilitation as their rehabilitation partner than any other contract rehabilitation company.

Why? Because Reliant Rehabilitation offers a combination of clinical and financial expertise customized service, and accountability that is unequaled. Reliant Rehabilitation can take your rehabilitation program where you want it to go. We can help you make a difference where it counts.



Technology Reliant’s automated documentation system, portal, and dashboard provide clients transparency and tools for successful partnerships.    ✓ Multi-tiered compliance and ...

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Reliant uses a group of proprietary programs and reporting systems to help maintain consistency all across the network. They help ...

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Achieving the Highest Standards Through Compliance and Education Reliant Rehabilitation has a committed and consistent focus on compliance and professional ...

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The advantages of contracting with Reliant include a reputation for clinical excellence and progressive care, outcomes reporting, and marketing to ke ...

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RCS-1 Care Matters – Now and in the Future: SNF Reimbursement Reliant Rehabilitation is a thought leader in analyzing, understanding, and fo ...

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Partnership Reliant Rehabilitation’s commitment to service excellence begins with you. At Reliant Rehabilitation, our growth hasn’t caused us ...

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