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Value Based HealthCare Transitions

With all the talk and momentum to move away from a Fee For Service healthcare model to a Value Based Payment model one can get lost and confused.  The important thing to remember is that there is still time before one model replaces the other. Make no mistake, there will be a transition and a collision of the two models but they will have to co-exist and intertwine before we truly reach a final version of a new healthcare payment model.  Experts believe a responsible approach to reaching the new healthcare payment model requires understanding the “Quality over Cost over Time” paradigm and ultimately what patient health and satisfaction with care and costs will look like.  In a blog by Peyman Zand, a partner at Vaco Healthcare, several key points are made in how to negotiate this process. 
1.  Linking physician compensation to the financial wellbeing of your facility is a recommended approach.
2.  Standardizing pre-operative preparation and education for successful surgeries especially under the CJR bundle.
3.  Streamlining processes and using data to improve outcomes and
4.  Tracking and reporting efficiencies and cost to maximize revenue.

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