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OIG: Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations

The Office of Inspector General’s 2016 Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations outlines 25 unimplemented recommendations the office says would help cut costs and improve quality among Department of Health & Human Services programs.  Emily Morgan, staff writer for McKnight’s hi-lighted two areas of the 25 under OIG focus.  First is a call for CMS to “increase its efforts to identify and prevent adverse events, including substandard treatment, inadequate resident monitoring, or failure to provide necessary care.”  Second and not surprising is the redundant call for CMS to “re-evaluate and reform how skilled nursing facilities receive Medicare payments for therapy services. CMS agreed with OIG’s recommendations to evaluate how much Medicare payment rates for therapy should be reduced, as well as the office’s recommendation to change the method of therapy payment. “

To read more of the article go to http://www.mcknights.com/news/report-oig-to-tackle-adverse-events-therapy-payments-in-nursing-homes/article/489633/

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