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Leverage Post-Acute Care Data to Improve Your Value Proposition

Excerpt from Healthcare IT News, article written by Chris Watson – COO of Brightree

With value-based care as the cornerstone for future care delivery, providers who can meet the interoperability needs across the healthcare continuum will stay one step ahead of the competition.  Many health systems and collaborative care organizations have already begun to tackle the interoperability challenges of connecting physician practices, laboratories, clinics and hospitals to produce a seamless flow of information among primary and acute care providers, but a critical interoperability component may be absent.

While acute care organizations have access to patient information related to hospital stays or visits to physicians within the health system, the electronic health record (EHR) typically does not often include post-acute care documentation. To address this, acute care organizations should consider expanding the longitudinal patient record to include home medical equipment (HME), home health and hospice care data. Healthcare organizations, then, will have access to information about patient progress, compliance with therapy and symptom exacerbation after discharge.

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