Only the Best

Without the right employees, Reliant can’t help patients, their families, or the communities we serve. And at the end of the day, we’re only as strong as our people. So when it comes to healthcare, the ability to screen, hire, and on-board medical personnel can directly affect the well-being of your patients. Our dedicated team of 16 recruiters, with an average experience of 13 years in contract therapy recruiting, oversees every aspect of the hiring process. From sourcing and weeding out unqualified candidates to cross-checking licensing and onboarding. Actively posting to any available job board, utilizing social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter has allowed us to build our active community of therapists. In doing such, Reliant ensures that every facility is staffed by reliable, licensed and caring professionals. Reliant also sees the importance of investing in the future. We are currently on track to hire over 1600 full-time employees this year, attended 75 trade shows, and have worked with 200 colleges across the country to arrange student placement. Our college contact database consists of 1100 total therapy programs in the country.

Our Management Structure

When you partner with Reliant, we are there to support you on every level. From the licensed clinicians in the field to our executive team, you can count on us 365 days a year.